London InterCommunity Health Centre Accessibility Audit

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1. Is the building in close proximity to public transportation? YES
2. Is there a drop-off near an accessible entrance? YES

3. Is there accessible parking nearby? YES

1. Are outdoor paths in good condition and well maintained? YES

2. Are outdoor paths level? YES

3. Are walkways and outdoors well-lit? YES

4. Are there any ramps necessary to access the venue? NO

1. Is the entrance clearly distinguished from the façade? YES

2. Is there a wheelchair accessible entrance? Are there directions to this wheelchair accessible entrance from all entrances? YES

3. Are doors automatic? NO

4. Are doors easily operable with minimal force? YES

5. Is the threshold for doors at floor level? YES

6. Are security features accessible (intercoms, buttons)? N/A
1. Is there large print/high contrast/non-glare/Braille/tactile signage? N/A

2. Is there adequate lighting throughout the venue of appropriate type? YES

3. Are hallways/corridors wide enough for wheelchairs (59”+) and free of hazards? YES

4. Is there enough circulation/turning space in the main venue? YES

5. Are floors non-glare and non-slip? YES

6. Are internal doors wide enough (>34”)? Not sure, but know chairs can access

1. Is the elevator size and weight load adequate (>1000 lb)? N/A (No elevator or escalator)

2. Are doors wide enough?

3. Is the threshold of the elevator level and narrow?

4. Are call buttons at an operable height?

5. Are call buttons tactile/Braille?

6. Are there audible signals for elevator call?

7. Are there handrails on each side of the elevator at an appropriate height?

8. Are floor buttons tactile and have Braille to the left?

9. Is there a closing delay of excess of 3 seconds?

10. Are there re-opening operators?

11. Are stairs necessary to access the venue? If so, are there handrails capable of supporting > 500 lb?

1. Is there signage to accessible washrooms? YES

2. Is the route to washrooms maneuverable (>59”)? Not sure

3. Is the washroom entrance wide enough (>34”)? YES

4. Are door fittings, locks and light-switches easily operable and reachable? YES

5. Is the washroom large enough for wheelchair maneuverability? YES

6. Are there grab-bars on urinals/toilets? YES

7. Are sink fixtures accessible? May be too high for some chair users

8. Are there all-gender or individual washrooms? YES

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