March 12th: Resurgence is Prisoners’ Justice

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the ways

Featuring: The Ways by the Wisconsin Media Lab
Saturday, March 12th 6pm (Front community room of Atlohsa (3342 Richmond St.)
The Prisoners’ Justice Film Festival and Atlohsa Native Family Healing Services presents: The Way.

The Way is an ongoing series of stories from Native communities around the central Great Lakes region. Produced by the Wisconsin Media Lab, these stories provide an understanding of Indigenous Nation building that will help us explore and envision real alternatives to the Prison Industrial Complex. Atlohsa Native Family Healing Services is wheelchair accessible (from York St. entrance) and has gender neutral bathrooms. As well, this is a child friendly event.

Story Segments Include:

Waadookodading – Ojibwe Language Immersion School
Pow Wow Trail – Keeping the Beat
Manoomin – Food that Grows on the Water
Prayers in a Song – Learning Language through Hip-Hop
Clan Mother – Healing the Community
Spearfishing – A Living History
Hunting Deer – Sharing the Harvest
Living Language – Menominee Language Revitalization
Mothering Inside

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