March 18th: Prison Farms and Food Sovereignty

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Friday, March 18th at 6pm London Public Library, Central (251 Dundas St.)

Prisoners’ Justice Film Festival and presents: Till the Cows Come Home

Description: The Harper government closed Canada’s 150 year old prison farm program that was designed to help with the ‘rehabilitation’ of prisoners. When the closures began, there was fierce resistance from a diverse range of communities in the Kingston area. This documentary was the story of the fight to save the prison farms.

Recognizing that animal farming has direct links to environmental and animal rights movements, we will be talking about the complex intersections of food sovereignty, prisoners’ justice and its relationship with land. With the help of Jessica Tong, we will explore programs run by communities – including the Freedom Food Alliance’s victory bus project, Soul Fire farm’s transformative justice program, and former black panther Elaine Brown’s West Oakland Farm project – with the purpose of building toward a future of food justice that is interlinked with prison justice. We will poise the questions: How are our food production practices contextualized around black, indigenous, migrant communities and their specific histories with land? How would our framework shift if we connected food justice and prison justice with our resistance to imperialism and militarization on lands near and far? Whose land are we on and what is the history behind it? What would this work look like if we recognized borders and prison walls as some of the most violent and intentional structures holding communities back from the land?

Jessica Tong grew up in Scarborough and has formerly organized in the London, Ontario community with the Prisoners Justice Film Festival. She is passionate about exploring the concepts of home, belonging and how borders – be they prison bars, apartheid walls or immigration checkpoints – disrupt our abilities to love and to achieve justice. She is currently studying Food and Farming at Durham College with the understanding that different communities have particular historical and contextual relationships with food and land.

To watch the trailer of Til the Cows Come Home:


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